Groundhog's Day Literature 

Sponsored by the International Rodent Society


groundhog's day haiku

Groundhogs are sleeping
They don't give a flying fluff
About the weather.

St. Groundhog's Day

The origin of Groundhog's Day, based on true historical fact.


by Don G. Olson

(To be recited or sung with gusto!)

Ground Hog, Ground Hog,
In the Dead of Winter.
Ground Hog, Ground Hog,
Leave your cozy bed.
Tell us, tell us
Is the winter over?
Will it be, pleasantly,
Spring instead?

Why can't people wait
For that certain date
When the sun will cross
The e-qua-tor?

Ground Hog, Ground Hog,
Did you see your shadow?
Ground Hog, Ground Hog,
Will there be more snow?

People, people
Stop all your complaining!
When, at last, winter's passed,
You will know!